Author: Gavin Lebreton

We hear about “grand slam” and “super grand slam”, from boat, in Florida, Bahamas, Cuba or even in Mexico … but much less “from the shore”, and in the French West Indies (“Guadeloupe”, in french !) It all starts with a great meet, Paul Sonnen, a very talented fly fisherman ! He decides to call […]
Barely back from a fishing trip to St Barth, I left this time for the island of DOMINICA. This island, named Wai’tu kubuli, which means “His body is large”, by the Indians “Kalinago” (first inhabitants of the island) is located south of Les Saintes and is a mixture of Creole, Anglo-Saxon and Native American. Being […]
After my guiding season marked by fishery emotions, I take off towards new Caribbean horizons, on the island of St-Barth. A total discovery for me! Although it is better known for its celebrities … 😉 it can also offer pleasant experiences both through the discovery of its fauna and flora. I invite you to follow […]
After four hours of fishing without a single touch, I decide to go to a third spot which seems favorable to the conditions of the day. I start fishing by doing a wide prospecting. After 20 minutes, only a few fish mullets will have jumped to the surface where my lure lands. I then start […]