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Your professional fishing guide

Gavin Lebreton, son of Patrick Lebreton, known and recognized “globetrotter” fishing guide (in Alaska for about twenty years and now in… Brittany/France!), brother of Kilian also a fishing guide (Ireland), I am naturally part of this “line” by becoming myself, the third professional fishing guide in our family.

I have been passionate about fishing since a very young age, and I was lucky to catch my first salmon in Alaska, just five years old!

My favorite fishing in mainland France was then the fishing for predators and salmonids with lure or fly, both in fresh and salt water.

I discovered fishing in Guadeloupe in 2012, during a trip where I accompanied my father, who also fell in love with the Gwada.

I then decided to settle there, taking advantage of all this time to progress in my knowledge of the spots of Karukéra, “the island of beautiful waters” as the Caribbean Indians had baptized it. A time also necessary to discover and master these specific Caribbean fisheries …

Since then, I have never stopped sharing with other fishermen the joys linked to the capture of the magnificent sport fish that haunt the turquoise waters of Guadeloupe!


The Lebreton family: more than 40 years of combined fishing guiding experience.

The brother

Kilian Lebreton, professional fishing guide in Ireland, Brittany and Lower Normandy, specialized in sea bass, trout and salmon fishing.

The father

Patrick Lebreton, professional fishing guide since 1988, including twenty seasons in Alaska and since 2008, kayak fishing guide in Brittany.