Exotic Fishing in French west Indies (Guadeloupe)

with Gavin LEBRETON, state-certified fishing guide.

Discover sport fishing in the paradisiacal setting of the islands of Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe Pêche Exotique is the service of a contribution of fishery skills in lure or fly fishing, adapted to Caribbean waters.

From the shore or a kayak in an exotic environment that cradles your dreams of distant horizons.

Together, equipped with our fly rods, we will catch sight of the legendary bonefish, when the “ghost fish” climbs on the flats.
We will borrow on our fishing kayaks the mangrove channels where we will search with lures or fly snook, jacks, tarpon and other fin predators of warm waters. The mangrove, natural cradle and pantry of all these fabulous predator fish…

The nature in Guadeloupe is magnificent.

However, it is fragile.
We will practice our passion with the biggest respect for this nature, and all the fish caught will of course be released!


Sight fishing on flats

Exclusively fly and “sight” fishing..
Bonefish and Permit are legendary fighters! Sight fishing takes on its full meaning!

Kayaking in the mangrove

Lure + fly.
In complete safety, discreetly and ecologically, come and discover fishing in this wilderness, looking for snooks and tarpons, or other trevallies and barracudas!

Coastal shore fishing

Mainly with lure and according to fly condition.
Foot fishing is the simplest to put into action and also the most complicated to practice effectively! An approach that can pay off …